MasterFiber: The proven & cost effective concrete reinforcement

The construction industry typically utilizes steel reinforcement to strengthen concrete structures. However, welded-wire mesh and conventional steel bars present a number of disadvantages:  steel is heavy, making it difficult to handle and takes time to position correctly. Steel is also costly and in certain applications, exposed steel reinforcement can pose a safety hazard.

Many concrete producers have converted to BASF’s MasterFiber® synthetic fibers to replace traditional steel reinforcement and, have achieved exceptional results from increased production efficiency, improved safety and overall reduced costs by adding this proven alternative to their concrete mix. 

Learn how Forterra, a Denver-based utility precast company, has experienced the benefits of MasterFiber. 


Brian McCarthy | Operations Manager, Denver Pipe and Precast, Forterra

“We have the opportunity to reduce costs with MasterFiber.”

As a leading supplier of precast drainage pipe and products, Forterra has helped build and maintain the infrastructure of America. “We’ve remained a step ahead of the competition by utilizing innovative technologies,” he says. “When we can replace steel with MasterFiber, it helps us minimize costs and increase profits.”

Corey Cooper | Production Manager, Denver Precast, Forterra

“MasterFiber’s crack control capabilities help us manufacture a higher quality product.”

When MasterFiber is mixed into fresh concrete, the fibers form an internal 3-dimensional reinforcement network and add exceptional tensile properties to the concrete elements. “MasterFiber strengthens our concrete and as a result improves crack control,” explains Cooper. “It’s also a huge time saver for some of our production methods.”

“MasterFiber’s crack control capabilities help us manufacture a higher quality product.”

Jeff Arnold | Vice President General Manager North Region, Forterra

“BASF is more than just an admixture provider—they’re a partner that helps us improve our manufacturing processes.”

BASF’s Master Builders Solutions brand is built on the experience gained from more than 150 years in the building construction industry. We take pride in working closely with customers like Forterra to solve their specific construction challenges. “At the end of the day we deliver high-quality, low-cost concrete products to our customers,” states Arnold. “And BASF has played a key role in our ability to do so.”

Quantified Sustainable Benefit

With the use of MasterFiber, Precast producers can achieve significant quantified benefits. The facts:


More Efficient Production and Cost

Save time on the production of your precast elements such as manholes, septic tanks, burial vaults and flared-ends that are especially difficult to reinforce with steel. Minimize overall production costs of your precast elements with the reduction or elimination of welded-wire mesh and steel bars.


Figures provided relate to the steel reinforcement and are based on data from a sample size of precast concrete producers similar in size and production to Forterra in Denver, Colorado.

Less steel by weight

Up to 20% less steel is required to provide the necessary tensile strength properties and improve crack control.


Figure provided relates to the amount of steel typically required in the production of 24 in. circular flared end sections.



Reduction in Injuries due to Steel

By reducing reliance on steel, precast manufacturers have improved safety due to cuts, lacerations and punctures.  


Figure provided is based on a data study from the 2016 US Department of Labor.

Dan Vojtko | Fiber Product Line Manager, BASF

“The use of MasterFiber contributes to long-term serviceability, and therefore creates a more sustainable concrete product.”

MasterFiber adds superior bonding properties to the concrete mix, resulting in an extended service life of the finished product. “By increasing the strength of the concrete, MasterFiber eliminates the need for steel reinforcement leading to a more sustainable solution over the life of the structure,” adds Vojtko.

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